Monday, September 1, 2008

Trill 3

Well here it is boys... the Trill 3 blog. Trill 3 is the third video in the sequence following "Easy Street" and "2 Easy". This video features riders from all over Saskatchewan including: Liam "Fetus" Trainor, Jason Tapaquon, Taylor Senft, Steven Loutitt, Mike Campbell, Danny Fernandez, Charlie Guenther, Mikey Tapaquon, Sid Tapaquon, Cody Williamson and Justin Schwan. Shout outs too the photogs Geoff Warrington and Owen Woytowich

We will be updating the blog daily, or at least trying to so keep checking back for clips, updates, the promo and the realese date!


Connor said...

I acn't wait to see the complete and final product!

Anonymous said...

i cannot wait either! hurd theres some bangers in it